Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Queen Bee - August 26, 2015

It's been just about 1 year since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I have made some good progress since then. I've lost around 30 lbs and wearing 3 sizes smaller clothes  since last August and at my recent visit the end of June, my doctor was happy with my blood sugar numbers and told me that I didn't have to test everyday if I didn't want to...she said that my a1c was the same as hers and she didn't have diabetes.  I was very encouraged by that. 

However, since then I feel like I've kind of gone backwards a little bit.  I put about 3-4 pounds back on during our "staycation" in July...granted it was only a few pounds, but still...that is the wrong direction!  I've fluctuated some in the weeks since, but it's been difficult to really get things moving in the right direction again. I think that testing at least once a day (sometimes more) was keeping me accountable.  So, maybe I should do it, not because I need to, but so that perhaps it will help me be able to really start moving in the right direction again.

Overall though, I am feeling the best I have in a really long time.  You don't realize how bad you actually feel until you feel better.  One of the biggest differences (aside from the weight loss) is the fact that my focus is was one of the things that I remember was not doing so good before I started making those healthy changes.  I had felt like, my brain was I couldn't really focus on anything fully.  I was easily bothered by distractions, and often couldn't think straight.  I should have known that it was health related, but I really thought that perhaps it was just because I was getting older and that this was how things were going to be.  I remember in my younger days being able to multi-task was not a problem, but then as I got closer to my mid 40's the thought of doing any serious multi-tasking  was out of the question...I think that the fact that my health was not great combined with my increasing age was the issue.   But, now I feel like my mind is clearer, at least most days!  And while I do have more energy, I still don't have as much energy as I would like...but I'm hoping that will change and my body continues to change. 

I will never be one who is into all the "anti-aging" stuff...creams and lotions, and face lifts or this anti-aging potion or that anti-aging potion. I think it's ridiculous to try and stop or reverse the signs of aging.  I think aging is beautiful.  It's the way of life, how God made us.  I'm not afraid of gray hair, age spots or wrinkles.  And other than aches and pains or general health issues that come with growing old, I will embrace getting older and accept it with grace and dignity.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Buzz About MY Leapling - August 24, 2015

Bridgette is struggling with adulting.

Yes, I said it.  ADULTING.  It's the new verb.  And the struggle is real.  It's hard figuring out how to be an adult.  Especially with someone like Bridgette, who has so many interests she wants to focus on.

Earlier this month, Bridgette finished her mini gig of being a counselor/teaching assistant for the theatre's two week summer camp, The Snow Queen.  Literally the day after that was done, she won an award from the theatre...the McGowen Spotlight Award, for being an awesome young volunteer (she has done so much, there wasn't a month this past year…2014-2015...that went by that she wasn't at the theatre doing something)...and then she was asked if she could PLEASE be rehearsal stage manager for the next youth show…Ivy & Bean the they didn't have anyone else to do it. 
Bridgette with her McGowen Spotlight Award!
She of course said yes.  But not without a lot struggle.  You see, just a week earlier she had made a decision to finally try and get a job (only a mere fifteen months after she graduated from high school).  Hopefully at Hobby Lobby, so that she could make a little money to help her pay for some of her own things, including art supplies for working on her art work and other projects she'd like to do.  She also wanted to have time to finished editing her novel, and possibly illustrating it.  So for the time being, the getting a job thing is being postponed.

 VOLUNTEER.  I mean it's not like she isn't working.  She has been "working" a lot since she graduated...she just isn't getting paid for it.  So...what constitutes an Adult?  Are you only an adult if you have an income and are paying bills?  That seems to be the consensus.  I'm not sure that I agree with that though.  Yes, it would be nice if she had some money of her own, but we don't feel like she is mooching off of us.  Okay, we all have days when we are "couch potatoes" and sit around just watching tv and eating junk food (well, maybe not everyone, but a majority of people out there)...and sometimes probably more than we should, but, that is certainly not what she does ALL the time.  The way I look at it, let her do as much volunteering now while she is young and has the time and doesn't have "adult responsibilities".   Some day, probably sooner than we imagine she will find someone, get married and have a family, and won't have this kind of time anymore.  And secretly, (or maybe not so secretly) I'm praying for someone who will support her love of theatre and she can continue to give as much even after she does have those adult responsibilities!
As I type this (three weeks before it's published) we are at the theatre, she is on stage with just a few people (and the only one besides Robert the theatre's assistant technical director, who was actually a part of summer camp...out of 50 some odd kids and the dozen or so instructors & assistants) helping to strike the set from the summer camp show...on her hands and knees removing screws so that the risers can be taken apart and moved off stage.  While she can be a girly girl, she also isn't afraid to do physical labor either.  She has a beautiful heart and is going to make some guy a great catch!  :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Busy Bee - August 19, 2015

I am choosing not to write a Busy Bee post this month, as we are just too busy for me to write about what were busy doing!  Ha Ha!  

Perhaps next month I will have one for you...hopefully!

Enjoy your Wednesday!  

Monday, August 17, 2015

What's Buzzing in My Brain? - August 17, 2015

So after writing 9 blog posts for July, and several already for August...I am wondering...WHY?  Why am I doing this?

While I have 53 followers listed on my sidebar...I probably only have 2 people who actually read my blog.  My daughter and my best friend.  And the only reason they probably read it, is because I have posts automatically sent to their email addresses every time one is published.  At least, I assume they read my posts.

So, why am I doing this?  Anything of real relevance, I'm going to tell both of them anyway.  And if I am doing this just because I like the "sound of my own voice"...that is a dumb reason. 

Thinking about all the thought and effort that will go into doing these 9 blog posts every month.  When you think about it, nine isn't a lot.  But, when it comes down to actually doing them, it might as well be nine million.  I felt like I still had a lot to say, and perhaps I do...wondering though, if they are things that need to be said to the world at large (who may or may not be listening)...I'm not sure that it's worth it.

I will feel badly if I stop, especially after Bridgette went to all the trouble of making my new header and all the little topic images...and they are all so adorable!  It seems like everything else in my life, I don't follow through with things to the end.  Not to mention that I just don't know when this should end.  How long should I keep going?  Should I let go of it all, and spend my time doing something else?  Do I put it all on hold until after things are settled with Brian's parents?  Not to mention some other things that got added to the schedule recently. I know with everything that will be going on over the next several months, more of my focus is going to be on those other things. 

So Dear Readers...if in fact there are others of you out there...I've reached a decision that for now, at least for the month of August, my posts will continue...however, if you hadn't noticed I am not posting a "next post date" at the end of my posts.  I want to leave it open, to give me the option to not post if I don't have something to say or the time to say it.  And just that one decision is quite freeing...the pressure is off!

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Honey Pot - August 14, 2015

Sharing recipes of things we make probably won't happen very often, as most of the things I make aren't original to me.  Normally when I copy recipes down for our own family's use, I don't write where it came I wouldn't feel right not being able to give credit where it is due.  Plus, I tend to "wing it" when it comes to cooking, and modify recipes to suit us.  

The thing that has been a struggle for me is making low carb versions of some of the baked goods we love.  Almond & coconut flour doesn't always turn out as nice as with regular white flour... it isn't the taste that I mind so much, but the way things hold up.  Like cookies for example.  I think I have gotten chocolate chip cookies down, but not so much with oatmeal or peanut butter (the other favorites in our family).  

Pancakes.  I found an excellent recipe for coconut flour pancakes.  They definitely have a different taste than your normal pancakes, but I really like I plan to keep using that recipe.

What I would really like to be able to do is make a great tasting MOIST cake.  Despite what anyone may think about boxed cake mixes, I was a fan of them.  I loved their light fluffy, moist consistency.  I miss boxed cake mixes.  My favorite flavor was Spice, followed by a Yellow with chocolate frosting and Devil's Food. 

Spice cake has been my birthday cake for years.  And even though it's not even close to being low carb, I may make one this year for my birthday, just because.  Perhaps I will make cupcakes...and maybe freeze half of I'm not tempted to over indulge!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Honey Bee's Hive - August 12, 2015

About 2 1/2 years ago,  my in-laws moved out to California (after only a year in Florida) to live with my brother-in-law and his wife (girlfriend at the time).  It was only a month before my mom died, so we went from having family around us, to just Brian, Bridgette & I.  It all happened so quickly.  January 2011 we had 3 happy,  healthy parents living close to my mom having gone to be with my dad & Jesus and Brian's parents now 3,000 miles away.

That was a rough time.

Now, time has passed and we are feeling healed and whole again and ready to take on a new challenge.  Apparently the living situation in California isn't working out, so it's a strong possibility that in the next 6 -9 months,  we may be moving Brian's parents back here to Florida to live with us.  It's a complicated we are praying for wisdom and guideance from God.

Brian with his parents and sister
celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary last summer (July 2014)

While nothing is set in stone, we are preparing ourselves for this big chane.  I'm excited, but also nervous about it all.  I think we are up for the challenge, but it's not going to come without some cost.  Both, financially and emotionally. 

We've already begun the process of purging stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.   We are considering doing a yard sale.  Have I ever mentioned that I dislike yard sales.  I don't like hosting them. I don't like pricing stuff or haggling with people. I don't like shopping at them.  I don't like handling cash.  I don't like having people coming to my house and pawing through our stuff (even if it is stuff I no longer want).  We are also considering  giving a good portion of  it away...and just selling the furniture we want to get rid of and some of the nicer stuff.  

Our garage is getting fuller by the day as we put more and more out there.  There are projects inside that we need to be working on in practically every room. 

Bridgette's room has gotten a mini closet makeover...more shelves and places to put her clothes.  She decided to get rid of her dresser (she has a few drawers as part of her bed) so that she could have space for a craft table and a cabinet to store her supplies...since we would be losing our "hobby" room.  We have all the supplies to put up more shelves, for her to display her art work and doll collection.  She is in the process of painting the craft table (and the cabinet as well) this pretty color called Island Aqua.

Brian & I would move back into the "hobby" room...which is the room we had when we first moved in with my mom after my dad died.  We need to do a closet makeover there too...we lived with it the way it was before, but it could definitely use some help!

We would give them the master bedroom, as that bathroom has a shower that will be easier for them to get in and out of.   There is plenty of closet space for them. 

The big thing will be enclosing our screened porch so that they will have there own space for watching tv or whatever.  We had someone come this past weekend to do an estimate of how much it would cost...we are waiting to hear back from him...but he seemed really nice and so we are hopeful.

Our hearts desire is that, Brian's parents are treated with respect and honor and that they have a place to live out the rest of their days, as long as we are physically able to care for them.  I really just want to treat them the way I would hope to be treated in their position.  I know that it will be challenging, as our view points on some things are very different...but we are willing to work through them and love them despite the differences.  It's the right thing to do.  I pray that God will bless us in this adventure with grace, mercy, peace & provision!